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​​We are whole and full of pure light. When we take the time to notice our stillness, passions and abilities we can find our lives being upgraded in little and big ways. If you are feeling stuck, drained, low energy, anxious, depressed or just need a boost you may befit from our online self guided courses or a more privet one on one sessions with Tiya. In both you will gain spiritual and practical tools for your journey of self discovery. These programs and sessions best serve those who seek deep spiritual and self awareness.  


​Save $200 off advanced ADL Training 

Save $10 off any session booked  

Save $25 off of any self guided courses


We are current;y remolding the website and taking time for self care. We will be back with many new Sessions, Courses and training's. If you would like updates on when we will be re opened please fill out the form under contacts. We look forward to serving you.